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Incidents – The Main Attraction


The PCs are in a city

The PCs hear about a zoo in the city that everyone is raving about. Those who have been there claim the newest addition is the most wonderful thing they have ever seen. If the PCs visit they find the zoo itself unimpressive – the animals are not treated poorly but are either mundane and common creatures or poor specimens of their variety. The PCs will find that the newest and last attraction which has stirred up so much gossip is a beautiful nymph. During their visit, she uses her charms on another zoo patron, dominating him (the nymph can forgo any damage listed in her attack powers to calmly charm a target) and instigating him into attempting to set her free. Though the man fails to accomplish her liberation, the nymph claims she is being held against her will and beseeches the PCs for their aid. This is her second unsuccessful escape attempt, but she states boldly that she will keep trying. With their help, however, her flight could be easy, and nobody would be hurt in the process…

In truth, the zoo’s owner – a sad sack named Kotter Vann – was searching for new animals to add to his collection when he came across the nymph; mortally wounded and unconscious from a run in with a wandering monster. Meaning only to nurse the poor creature back to health, he brought her back to the zoo and set to treating her wounds. But Vann’s zoo was losing money, and he saw no other way to support his wife and eight children, nor was he willing to part with the zoo that had been both his life’s passion, and a costly investment. So he put the nymph in a carefully crafted enclosure and sent his eldest daughter to attend to her needs, lest he become bewitched into setting her free. Vann feels guilty for what he did but sees to the creatures every need and whim, and treats the nymph very well – if living as a caged exhibit can be considered “well.”

Possible EXP and Rewards
The PCs have a myriad of options when it comes to resolving the problem. The obvious choices are freeing the nymph, or convincing it that a life inside this gilded cage is better than one out in the trackless and deadly wilderness. It is possible to find some kind of split between the two parties – maybe the PCs offer to replace the nymph with a more pliable or exotic exhibit. Maybe a deal can be arranged where the nymph agrees to stay “on loan” with Vann for part of the year. Consider giving the PCs EXP equal to that of a Spring Nymph (Monster Manual 3 pg. 151)

If the PCs do not step in, they will hear about a terrible incident in the zoo in which the nymph has bewitched a violent soldier into freeing her. In doing so, the man has cut down a handful of innocent and dumbstruck patrons – thinking their inaction as an attempt to interfere with the jailbreak. The soldier is caught and put before trial, the nymph is fled back home, and Vann’s zoo is likely to go bankrupt.

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