My favorite game accessories short of miniatures are, naturally, maps. They make your game clearer to the players, add some aesthetic enjoyment, and better yet, aren’t edition or game specific

Wizards of the Coasts Dungeon Tiles
Paizo Publishing’s Flip-Mats
Scrying Eye Games
Wonderful BattleMat tips via Chris Perkins

Game Management
For the DM eager to stay organized

Obsidian Portal
Masterplan Campaign Tracking Tool

Gale Force 9 Dry Erase Tokens and Maps

Random Generators for Many Editions
Geomorph Mapping

Though it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, any tabletop game where tactical combat is relevant needs some way to visually represent characters in space…and the best way gives you an excuse to continue buying “tin soldiers” as an adult!

Reaper Miniatures
Troll and Toad

Mega Minis

Playing the Game
This is more of a catch-all category for dropping any links I think might be of interest

D&D “4thCore” – Introductory Adventure
“Up From the Dust”
– A fantastic journey behind the screen from an experienced DM as he runs an ongoing game set in the Dark Sun 4th Edition campaign world – great advice and well worth your time.


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