Mission Statement

Whoa. Hey.

So I’ve been running and less often playing Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition since its release several years ago. In that time I’ve written up a lot of custom encounters, skill challenges, and monsters. I’m also always on the look out for new and inventive resources to add some color to my games. So I decided it was about time to contribute to the interweb’s vast amount of D+D related resources. Hence “Save Vs. Weekend”; my two-cents worth of encounter write ups for your use and modification. Ideally (as the name implies) during or before each weekend.

A few disclaimers: I of course do not work for nor am I associated with Wizards of the Coast – this blog is merely to share thoughts and links with fellow gamers.

In the interest of sharing and caring feel free to utilize and modify any of this content for your games, websites, projects, etc. I ask only that you give a fair nod to the originator.

I’ll be linking to some of my favorite sites and resources here as well – this is done in the hopes of getting those folks some more hits and is done so without express consent but with an eye toward helping some folks whose work I appreciate.

I’ve spent most of my time playing and running games in the Heroic Tier and as such my content will lean heavily toward that spectrum of the game. When possible I’ll leave things open ended enough (ie: using Easy/Moderate/Hard to describe difficulties rather than DCs) to provide opportunities to use my encounters at other levels of play with minimal tweaking. That said I’m not intimately familiar with the ins and outs of character resources at the upper levels and so I won’t write much about them.

A lot of the content I’ll be posting has been used in home games and has gone through the crucible of an unruly gaming group. That said it hasn’t been extensively playtested and is offered as-is. There’s bound to be some problems or inconsistencies – and some groups may find encounters easier than others. If I had the kind of time to extensively test what I post I sure would – but seeing as how this is a hobbying blog I’m handing this off without much oversight. Feel free to modify per the needs of your gaming group.



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