“Traitor’s Feast” Soundtrack

31 May

While writing up the last full adventure that I posted, “The Traitor’s Feast” – I couldn’t help but start to hear the music that would accompany each scene. I, like a lot of DMs, have found that adding some music to the session can be a big help for atmosphere and getting players out of their “real life” brain and into their characters. (I’d argue especially in a horror game like “Call of Cthulhu” – where I once had a player request we cut the music since it was giving him the creeps)

Since this adventure took a lot of bits of its inspiration from many other literary, screen, and video game sources, I went back to some of those for musical inspiration. It might be a while before my next full post, I thought I’ share some of those:

  • Part I: Something to set the mood of grand halls, and the calm before the storm — “Human Nobility” – Dragon Age Origins Soundtrack
  • Part II: Betrayal and murder at the banquet, and the flight from ruin — “Game of Thrones Theme Reprise” – Game of Thrones Season 2 Soundtrack
  • Part III: Escaping the dungeons — “Hyrule Castle” – Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Soundtrack
  • Part III: Flight through the palace — “Horns of Hell” – The 13th Warrior Soundtrack
  • Part IV: Infiltrating Veyn’s apartments – “Mage’s Tower” – Dragon Age Origins Soundtrack
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