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09 Jan


While I am dedicated to this little neck of the blog woods, I’m also well aware of my schedule. This year has thrown a lot to do in my lap already, and that means (sadly) less and less time to plug away at the old blog here. Even when I’m posting content used in one of my games it requires a good bit of polish, and thus, more time.

So I decided to do what I always do when I need help and am not sure where to start: I ask the internet. Starting today I’m accepting (and in fact, beseeching you for!) submissions to “Save Vs Weekend.”

My goal is to share interesting (primarily) 4th Edition D&D encounters with the masses, using this blog as a platform; all the while giving credit where credit is due. Naturally I might run submissions through a bit of editing and quality control (fixing grammatical errors, or adding new and more bizarre ones!) but always authors will be credited, their specifications on presentation preserved as best as possible, and any pages or projects they are working on will be thoroughly linked to. This is an invitation to share work and inspire projects. In a perfect world I could pay upstart artists and designers so that they could spread their creative wings and get something in return.
Sadly, it is not a perfect world.

Submission Guidelines
For the sake of making editing easier, and to have a consistent feel for each post, I’m requesting that submissions stick as closely as possible to a particular format. I myself am not terribly consistent in formatting, a problem I seek to alleviate in this year’s post. If you are at a loss, take a look at some of my other posts and keep to a similar system of organization:


List the number of players and the average PC level ideal for this adventure

Introduction [This section is optional]
In a paragraph or two, sum up your goals, challenges, or inspiration for this encounter.

Encounter Background [This section is optional]
Any relevant world information needed to make the scenario make sense. All fluff, no rules.

In this section, give all the relevant background and a brief synopsis of the encounter. When is a good time for the DM to use this encounter? How should it fit into a campaign? Who are the major players and what are their goals? What happens if the PCs succeed or fail? All these kinds of questions and their answers are game for this section.

Special Rules or Circumstances [This section is optional]
Does your encounter include some peculiar magical device? Damaged but functional siege weapons? A unique monster ability? A strange terrain feature? Any additional rules or stat information the DM needs should be divided into as many titled sections as needed here. The specifics of the special rules will dictate some formatting (for example, a list of results for a random table or a bulleted list of possible NPCs).

Optional Headings [This section is optional]
If your encounter requires a few special paragraphs to explain unusual circumstances, place them here under a unique, bolded heading.

Plot Text [This section is optional]
Write down any “boxed text” you deem necessary for introducing the encounter in-world to the players.

Map [Optional]
A copy of the map used for the encounter area. Skill Challenges or more open ended encounters may not require this.

Features of the Area [Necessary if there is a map, otherwise optional]
[Indent]Feature Name: Description and relevant rules
[Indent]Feature Name: Description and relevant rules
[Indent]Feature Name: Description and relevant rules

x## Monster’s Name (Book Monster Appears in pg. ##)
x## Monster’s Name (Book Monster Appears in pg. ##)
x## Monster’s Name (Book Monster Appears in pg. ##)


Describe the antagonist’s tactics and perhaps any relevant rules (or page references to uncommonly used rules link mounted or underwater combat) if applicable. Do the combatants act differently when bloodied? Will they surrender if hard pressed? Do they flee? Call for reinforcements? Wade into combat unthinkingly or slink around tactically? Work as a team or single out their foes? Describe their use of any unusual terrain features here as well.

Possible Rewards
Mark down any magic items, gold, art items, and bonus experience the players should or might acquire. I usually don’t list out the total experience value for all monsters (as that is easily accessible in their stat blocks) but doing so is very helpful.
So have at! Hopefully you’ll be compelled to submit something and ideally I’ll get it posted within days of receiving it. If I have time, I might even be able to have Jenn whip up a corresponding illustration. “Best laid plans…” and all notwithstanding.

I can be reached by E-mail at: or leave a comment with your contact information and perhaps a brief summary of your encounter.

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