D&D Next / 5th Edition Fan Adventure!

18 Dec

So, a lot has happened since I went radio silent a few weeks ago:

Plans to work on a write-up for a full adventure in the Neverwinter game I am currently running fell through for the moment. Due to my theatre schedule/the holidays/time spent playtesting a game developed for N.A.G.A.D.E.M.O.N – and whatever else decided to get in the way. During that time I managed to play a bit more of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition playtest. Then I did some digging…

Turns out that other authors have been posting their homebrew playtest adventure content. This seems kosher with the playtest’s strict (and somewhat odd) regulations on what you can/cannot talk about due to the fact that these adventures don’t actually reveal any of the playtest information (instead referencing page numbers to mechanics that would require the player to sign-up for the playtest anyway). In light of that, and due to the fact that I might have actually finished writing my Neverwinter adventure BEFORE running it (A problem due to nosey players reading spoilers on this blog), I instead set out to write my own 5th Edition adventure.

Thus I give you “The Astral Conqueror of Sargodell Deeps.” Intended as a single-session foray into the rules, it’s not terribly complicated or difficult, but manages to fit in a variety of challenges. Whenever I write a one shot, I try to set a few goals or constraints for myself to make it interesting. In this case:

  • Create a more “traditional” dungeon crawl experience without it dragging on overlong
  • Try to fit the whole dungeon on a table at once
  • Use exclusive sets of Wizard’s of the Coast’s Dungeon Tiles (Oh Caves of Carnage, how I have kilted you…but no more!) without too much mixing and matching
  • Provide an opportunity to use some fancy new miniatures I picked up in a context that fits the adventure (Thus, the inclusion of the trebuchet, flying cultists, and our primary villain)
  • Try out a letter-substitution puzzle and dress it up as interpreting arcane runes (A simple puzzle that requires just enough brain power and effort to make you feel cool for solving it, without bogging down the adventure. And it makes you feel like a wizardy archeologist!)

The file is a tad large as I went overboard on the image quality for the artwork and maps.

As for plans moving forward, times are getting much busier for me, though when they finally die down I’ll get back to business as usual with weekly posts. I still intended to post that Neverwinter adventure – just as soon as I get around to writing it – but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that arriving any time soon if I were you.

In the meantime, check out the new adventure over on the Full Adventures page! Give it a gander and as always let me know what you think – constructive criticism makes for better adventures and content in the future. And if you are someone I know personally who is likely to be a player in a run through of this adventure, KEEP OUT! You’ll see what it’s all about soon enough.

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