“The House of Knowledge” and the Blog Hussy

15 Nov

My Neverwinter campaign, (which had taken many a blow due to busy schedules) is finally starting to pick up some steam again! The players are finally on track to where they can make their own decisions about what to do in The City, and will soon be seeking out their first site-based adventure. That means I have a whole dungeon to plan! That’s a lot of planning and work and thought!

Naturally, that’s going to put me off from making regular posts for a bit. I know, that comes hot on the heels of some other obligations that have thrown the schedule asunder. To make up for all that, I’ll be writing up my iteration of Neverwinter’s ruined temple of Oghma “The House of Knowledge” as a full adventure. I figure several encounters worth of material will more than make up for the time I’ve snatched.

It’s worth noting that I’m approaching this one largely from a more “old school” perspective, inspired by all the D&D 5th/Next playtesting I’ve been doing lately. Smaller, more frequent combats, more problem solving elements, smaller rooms, etc. I think it will be an interesting experiment.

On other fronts – I have been blog-cheating on you! It’s true! The theatre company I am with has recently begun more regular posts on our Tumblr page. I take occasional writings duties on the blog over there. If you are more a fan of my writing than of D&D (madness!) or if you have some interest in the inner workings of a theatre company, that might be of interest to you.

Until next time!

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