Make Yours a Neverwinter Night

26 Aug


Admittedly, part of my impetus in pursuing this blog was to blow off some of the pent up GM energy I had. It’s been a while since I was running a regular game (GMing for one-shots here and there) but like anyone with a passion for the hobby and a lot of time during the day in which their brain is on autopilot, I put a lot of thought into RPGs. This blog has been a wonderful outlet.

But now it isn’t the only one!

My most regular group of players turned to me once again to take up the task of running our consistent game, and after conferring, we decided to pick up the year old Neverwinter Campaign Setting.

What this means for Save Vs Weekend is that I’ll now be posting encounters straight from one of my active games, as well as getting the chance to playtest (or in some cases re-imagine) encounters I’ve already written up over the past few months. For the sake of my players, I’ll withhold major spoilers and only post encounters after they have survived them (or not).

What this also means is I’ll be devoting more of my extremely limited free time to game prep. Sadly, this could mean brownouts in my usual weekly (if you count the “Incidents” series, bi-weekly) posts, but I assure, any absence is temporary and for the greater good! That said, do not set your signature unerring Neverwinter water clocks by this blog – you will likely disappointed.

If you have any interest in keeping and eye on my campaign, feel free to check out our Obsidian Portal Site (see below)!

What I won’t be doing is giving much in the way of breakdowns or reports from my sessions. While it’s a popular thing to do right now (and with goood reason – it’s fun and helpful!) my goal for this blog was to stay content focused – reserving the commentary only for when it helped to better plan an encounter. I feel like I have varying degrees of success on that front but rest assured, my focus is still on giving you the nitty-gritty of my game, for adaptation into yours.

Share, and share alike. Do what is best for your players and your game.

Now, to cue the music…

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