Incidents – Sex, Lies, and Half-Breeds

14 Aug


While traversing a city or village

The party catches the last snatches of a conversation between two young people ahead, in the rear yard of a two story shop. I a deep voice says: “I have to go! If your father sees me that’s it. No time to argue. I’m sorry, I…” What follows is a lot of shouting as a third voice join them. It is an older man, his words strangled by rage. Upon investigating they find a young girl, her father (the shop’s owner), and a strapping young half-orc workman. The heated argument dies down as the PCs approach. The father confronts the PCs, begging them to fetch the town guards – he just caught this villain about to defile his daughter (this is of course, not true). The half-orc spares a glance to the girl, then states that he admits his crime (causing the girl to wail with despair) and pleas a reduced sentence. The guards will arrive to investigate he shouting regardless, and will look to the PCs as witnesses to the event. Their word can turn the tide in this tragic little story.

Possible Resolution and Rewards
If the PCs side with the father and send the lovestruck fool of a half-orc off to his sentence, they’ll get a discount at the man’s shop (a fact that he will quietly make quite clear to them). But helping the poor orc boy will get them an “in” with the working class folks – who have a soft spot for the poor outcast half-breed and will gladly serve as contacts for the PCs. Similarly, the peasantry of the town might react negatively to the PCs, knowing that they sided with the vengeful and controlling merchant whom few hold in high regard. Perhaps rumors gathered in low end taverns become frequently false, or thieves guild sellers decide to bump up their prices. There is also the possibility that the half-orc might assist the PCs as either a hireling or guide in the city. Wether his relationship with the merchant’s daughter flowers or is put aside the PCs might also influence, if such things are of interest to a band of dungeon delving sword/staves for hire.

Experience Rewards
Give the players experience equivalent to a single monster of their level.

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