One Page Dungeon Contest Submission

26 Apr

Thanks to the sponsorship of my beloved Obsidian Portal I recently found out about the annual One Page Dungeon contest. Concise dungeon crafting with a crush on random tables?! Prizes?! Competition?! How could I resist!

The tact I chose is a little outside the norm – not a traditional s

words and spells kind of fantasy dungeon – instead; it’s a haunted house. Unusual to be sure, but I think it’s a solid idea and I’m very proud of how it turned out (thanks, Adobe InDesign one month free trial!)

Since I put a great deal of effort into this submission, I figured I’d grant myself some due laziness and count my co test entry as this week’s “encounter.” I feel a bit disingenuous doing so since the aim of this blog was to provide quick and easy D&D encounters – but there’s always exceptions to the rule. And besides, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it enough to ignore the breach in protocol.

I’m including “Raven Ridge Mansion” here but also adding a separate page for easy navigation – and to provide visitors to my blog from the contest entry page an easier way to navigate straight to the PDF.

Raven_Ridge_Mansion – Ryan Lucas

And by all means, check out some of the other submissions at the contest’s website. There’s a lot of cool dungeons that other gamers are working on from a lot of different angles – and you’re bound to find something you can plop right into your game.

"It's fine - nobody spilled blood on this sketch so I'm sure the place isn't THAT haunted..."


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